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Current and future publications

This page will be updated as future projects become firmed up.

Anyone wishing to submit material for review should bear in mind the small size of the company and realise that even if it is accepted there may be a long delay before publication. It is preferable to e-mail the Company first with a description of the nature and length of the item, plus a small quote from it, and a short paragraph of critique from an independent third party, complete with credentials. No hard copy should be sent until this has been agreed: the Company takes no responsibility for any material sent without prior agreement.

Material for submission should be in a version of WORD, XP or earlier. It should be consistently styled using standard heading styles and a further set of paragraph styles, including dialogue, stage directions, verse, etc as appropriate. Advice on custom styling may be sought by e-mail in advance, but considerable development on styling and layout will be part of the editing process . Marketing discussion will also be necessary before a Contract is offered.


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