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Performing Rights Applications

Completing this form

There are 3 possible ways to complete this form:

1) Download a Microsoft Word (Word 33.5 KB) or Adobe PDF (PDF, 83.7 KB) version of the form, complete it and and return it by email.

2) Download one of the electronic versions of the form, complete it and return it by post to the address on the form.

3) Complete the form online below and it will be sent to the Business Manager by email as soon as it is submitted.

Performing Rights Application Form

Title of applicant:

Dr Ms Mr

Date of application:

Name of applicant:

Telephone number:

Application on behalf of:



Email address:

Return address: Item(s) for which performance approval is sought:
Does/do the item(s) need to be adapted for use in a different geographical locality?



If so, please state area and/or attach a list of proposed changes:
Status of organisation: Venue(s), number, dates, and times of proposed performance(s):
Approximate number of audience expected on each occasion: Proposed ticket or entry charge per person, and beneficiary/ies:
Further relevant information:


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